Babybols biosourcés - Pots de conservation bébé

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Des petits pots sains et naturels, parfaits pour stocker les repas de bébé !

  • Pots fabriqués à plus de 94% de matière biosourcée issue de canne à sucre pour éviter la migration de particules chimiques dans l'alimentation de bébé !
  • Fabriqués en France
  • Pots gradués et surfaces réinscriptibles pour noter la recette et la date de préparation
  • Passent au micro-ondes, bain-marie et chauffe-biberon
  • Passent au lave-vaisselle
  • Couvercles vissés hermétiques
  • Se conservent au réfrigérateur & au congélateur
Taille : 6x 8.45oz
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Des petits pots éco-conçus et fabriqués en France.

Petits pots de conservation pour bébé idéals pour conserver, transporter et réchauffer vos préparations facilement. Pratiques, les couvercles possèdent une surface réinscriptible afin de noter le contenu + date de péremption !


En plus d'être fabriqués en France, les Babybols sont conçus à plus de 94% de matière biosourcée issue de canne à sucre. La canne à sucre étant une plante peu consommatrice en énergie et en eau, cela nous permet de limiter l'impact environnemental. C'est d'ailleurs l'utilisation de cette plante qui donne un aspect légèrement opaque aux Babybols ! C'est une première mondiale dans le domaine ! Et si vous aussi vous participiez à préserver la planète en choisissant ces contenants sains et naturels ? 

Customer Reviews

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Very good and very practical


Easy-to-use product. Can be frozen, thawed and used in the microwave. Perfect

Great tins

Super practical tins for porridge portions. Simply fill and freeze suitable portions and defrost in the bottle warmer as required. The lids also come in beautiful colors.

Jess Taylor
Sustainable and Practical

I am absolutely delighted with the Bisourced Babybols Food Container Se! As a mother of four children, convenience is absolutely crucial in my daily life, and these Babybols never disappoint.
Their versatility is a major asset: I can use them to store, transport, and quickly reheat meals for my little ones. They are flexible enough to hold purees for the younger ones, as well as snacks and portions for the older kids. Furthermore, they take up minimal space in the refrigerator, which is a tremendous advantage. The lids with a rewritable surface to note the contents and expiration date are a blessing, as they make organization so much simpler.
So, in conclusion, not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also incredibly practical.


Supposedly you can label these with a dry erase marker, but that hasn't been the case for us. I'm not sure if there's a special dry erase marker we were supposed to be using but I used an Expo brand one and it doesn't wash off. I've run them through the dishwasher and still had to scrub with an assortment of chemicals to get it off and you can still faintly see the writing. Being able to write on and label these was one of the main reasons we bought them so this is disappointing.


Daycare only accepts plastic containers for safety purpose so I bought two sets. The container itself is good for the price but 3 things to be careful about:1. The caps are very brittle and very easy to break. I received a package with one cap broken already and I accidentally dropped one , the cap immediately broke as well.2. AMAZON tends to send wrong size.3. The first wash is hard to clean. I think they have wax on the containers. You need to use very hot water to soak them first.Luckily the customer service of both the brand itself and Amazon are great. I was able to get replacement order from Amazon and the product warranty also works great after I contacted the company customer service.


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