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Cocon Anti-Coliques CloudNestCocon Anti-Coliques CloudNest
Cocon Anti-Coliques CloudNest
Prix de vente$109.99
Cocon incliné Cosydream PlusCocon incliné Cosydream Plus
Cocon incliné Cosydream Plus
Prix de vente$109.99
Coussin de tête Lovenest Original
Prix de venteA partir de $23.99
#color_Grey Lovenest Plus#color_Grey Lovenest Plus
Coussin de tête Lovenest(+) Thermorégulant
Prix de vente$34.99
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CosyDream Fresh Infant LoungerCosyDream Fresh Infant Lounger
CosyDream Fresh Infant Lounger
Prix de vente$63.99
Coussin universel CosymorphoCoussin universel Cosymorpho
Coussin universel Cosymorpho
Prix de vente$49.99

Babymoov's Baby Loungers to soothe baby❤️

With the help of midwives, pediatricians, and parents, Babymoov has co-created a range of cushions to relieve infant discomfort. Discover Socosy Premium Baby Lounger and the Cloudnest Loungers which instantly relieves colic thanks to its integrated hot-water bottle and morphological position. 

Elevate Your Baby's Comfort with Our Premium Baby Loungers

Introducing our exclusive line of baby loungers, meticulously designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support for your little one. Created with the utmost care and attention to detail, our baby loungers offer a cozy and safe space for your baby to relax and play.

Crafted with plush materials and ergonomic design, our loungers cradle your baby in luxurious softness, creating a soothing environment for relaxation and bonding.

Experience peace of mind knowing that our baby loungers are made with safety as the top priority. With secure yet breathable construction, you can rest assured that your baby is cozy and protected while lounging in our products.

Ideal from birth, the baby lounger keeps the child on its back and wedges its head correctly so that it's well rounded. Models are available for play time, cars, as well as head-only supports that allow your baby to keep moving while you look after him.

Baby loungers and headrest provide extra security and comfort for your baby.

The baby wedge is the ultimate practical accessory for young parents (and the perfect gift for a new baby). It's an ergonomic support specially designed for infants. Babies are held on their backs in a soft, comfortable environment, creating a reassuring cocoon.

There are several different types of baby lounger. Some models completely cover baby's body, while others are more like a headrest. By positioning baby's head in the hole provided, he's in the ideal position for maximum comfort. These Lovenest headrests are easy to transport and can be used both at home and when traveling, in the car or stroller, for example.

Babymoov baby headrests are made from soft, comfortable Oeko Tex-certified fabric, which is as kind to baby's skin as it is to the planet.