Cocon Anti-Coliques CloudNest

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Soulage les coliques du nourrisson et favorise la digestion !

  • Soulage les coliques grâce à sa bouillotte en graines de lin naturelles
  • Rassure : effet réducteur pour rassurer bébé
  • Facilite la digestion, surélève les jambes de bébé
  • Brevet déposé, certifié OEKO-TEX®
  • Facilement transportable grâce au sac de transport inclus
  • Utilisation de 0 à 3 mois
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Le seul cocon super doux conçu spécialement pour rassurer les bébés



Le réducteur anti-coliques CloudNest Babymoov a été conçu pour soulager les coliques du nourrisson. Spécialement co-créé avec une sage-femme, Mme Sophia Mighali, il offre à votre bébé un environnement rassurant et confortable, tout en lui apportant une source de chaleur apaisante et relaxante sur son ventre douloureux.


Une bouillotte, remplie de graines de lin naturelles, est intégrée et positionnée sur le ventre du bébé. Sa pression légère et sa chaleur favorisent une meilleure digestion et soulagent efficacement les maux de ventre.

Très facile et rapide à chauffer, il suffit de la retirer de la housse et de la placer quelques secondes au micro-ondes pour qu'elle atteigne 40°c, la température idéale pour bloquer les capteurs de douleur. Votre bébé aura ainsi une sensation de bien-être et sera apaisé de ses coliques.

Le cocon anti-coliques CloudNest est composé de coton bio et doux pour un confort optimal. Le filet 3D blanc est respirant et permet ainsi une bonne circulation de l'air sous la tête et autour.



Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

My 2 month old grand baby loves this. It helps him with his colics. Recommend this product.🤩🤩

Cloe Bohbot
Life savior! Best solution for colic!

My baby instantly relaxed. She’s been crying almost every second of every day. To the point where I heard her crying even when she wasn’t. I’ve tried everything you can think of. I came across this lounger on Instagram and thought “why not”…I heated the warming pack and placed my baby in the lounger, placed the heated arm on her tummy, and after 10 seconds, she instantly calmed down. It was like a miracle!! Now I bring this lounger everywhere I go. I’m so relieved.

Cheyenne Stoll
Calmed my baby right away!

The Cloudnest immediately calmed my fussy baby. She was having dietary belly discomfort and the only thing that calmed her in those moments was the warmth from the cloudnest. 10/10 recommend for babies with upset tummies. You can see in my video that my baby goes from fussy to calm!

Yan L.
Very nice

I got this as a baby shower gift. Super nice, soft and interesting design. I think the baby will love it!

Great Product

My friend's baby seems to really love this. The baby fits in it nicely and securely.

Jane Hinrichs
Wonderful gift and I think....

This will make a wonderful gift and I think this will be a necessary item for every new mom. One arm fits over baby's tummy. This arm can be unzipped and its contents can be taken out to be microwaved to make it warm for a baby's upset stomach. Then how you keep that arm on the baby is that the other arm folds over it and snaps on the other side. There are 3 snaps. But even if a baby isn't colicy I think this will feel like a hug -- make them feel so secure. I can't interview a baby of course, but this would be handy for any new mom to have just in case because sometimes babies cry and you need an array of things to try so the baby can be soothed. This includes instructions and a sample of what is inside the warming thing so moms and dads can know exactly how to use this. I am super impressed.

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