U-Shape Full Body Pregnancy Pillow B.Love XXL

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Our largest dual pregnancy pillow yet with detachable nursing pillow

  • Cocooning XXL pregnancy cushion for complete body comfort/support day or night.
  • 2in1 design for maternity and nursing: Compact detachable (by zip) section of the pillow can be used separately from the main cushion when you want something smaller or for breastfeeding when baby is born.
  • Ingenious and adaptable: two flat sections on each side to free up your arms while using the pillow/sleeping with it at night, and a removable pillow to use in several different ways including for breastfeeding/bottle feeding.
  • Super soft organic cotton cover is GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the pillow is OEKO-TEX certified also.
  • Premium filling for long-lasting, maximum comfort and support.
  • Comes in a recycled plastic carry bag for travel.
  • Neutral mineral grey colour cover, also machine washable at 30C
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The XXL pillow, bringing you XXL comfort - Pregnancy Must Have

It surrounds you with a cocooning effect, supports your back, relieves your bump and places your legs in a comfortable position. Its even, high density filling combined with its Oeko-Tex certified fabric mean you get a great night's sleep.

And to ensure you are even more comfortable when resting, we have created two flat sections (non-padded) on each side of the pillow so you can place your arms under or over the pillow, without feeling restricted.

This adaptable maternity pillow is also useful after the birth of your baby. Once baby is home, the XXL pillow can be used as a nursing pillow, especially as it comes with a small detachable cushion. This means you can be comfortably positioned with your baby during feeding.

In terms of colour, our designers have gone for a cosy, comfortable feel with a timeless "mineral grey" shade.

Added bonus: Our B.Love XXL maternity pillow is part of our environmental initiative. To take care of future generations, we are changing our manufacturing and consumption methods and embracing more environmentally-friendly practices.
- The B.Love XXL pillow is made in Turkey, to minimise our manufacturing carbon footprint.
- The maternity pillow carries Oeko-Tex (R) certification to guarantee the materials used are high quality and non-toxic for you and your baby.
- The super soft organic cotton cover is GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)
- The filling inside the pillow is premium quality to ensure it lasts
- Its carry bag is made from recycled plastic and means you can take the detachable pillow with you for feeding baby wherever you go.

Your pillow will be delivered to your home in compressed packaging to reduce its size as well as our carbon footprint. It will regain its original shape in a few seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Decent Made Quality, Nice Design.

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and my bump is pretty small still, but I am glad I got this Maternity Pillow early. I am a back sleeper and sleeping on the side is not my thing. What I learned so far, to reduce the risk of stillbirth, it is suggested to sleep on the side after 28 weeks. I am starting to use this pillow now to train myself to sleep on the side 2-3 nights a week. So hopefully, when I reach 28 weeks, I can feel comfortable to sleep on my side every night.I love the size of this maternity pillow, XXL is definitely needed for extra comfortableness even I am just 5'3". Made quality wise, I think it is decent. Pillow is soft and puffy, fabric is smooth and feels nice when touching. Beside being used as maternity pillow, the packaging also shows different ways to use the pillow after baby is born. You can use this pillow both during pregnancy and after pregnancy, I like the design and I am pretty happy I got this pillow.Overall, I think this is a nice product and I would recommend.

Excellent support pillow

This pillow is excellent for extra body support as it is a fantastic ergonomic shape and generous length. The pillow is firm enough to support the body but still very soft and comfortable. The cover is easy to remove to wash. I really like how the top part detaches to use separately if needed. Very high quality and convenient overall.

Excellent pillow that provides so much comfort and support

This pillow is amazing. I'm not pregnant, I got this because it helps support me better when I sleep that always insures I wake up pain free and not stiff. Easily contours to your body. Cover is washable so you can use it however long you need to. I have extra stuffing in case I need to fill it over time from other one. These help posture too and those with back, neck, and tummy problems. I highly reccomend this for everyone, not just pregnant woman.

Nice pillow

Lovely maternity pillow. Very comfy.Its large, soft with cotton material.Helps to support back and legs.Price for such pillow is excellent I can say.And surely can recommend it to all.

XXL pillow brings XXL comfort

During my pregnancy, it became my go-to for great nights and comfortable naps. It provided the ideal support I needed for my back, stomach, and legs, thanks to its extra-large size. Now that my little one has arrived, the B.Love XXL has seamlessly transitioned into my breastfeeding and bottle-feeding companion. It supports my arm, relieves my back, and makes those feeding sessions a breeze. My husband, who struggles with back problems, has found it to be a fantastic comfort solution as well. It's versatile and, sometimes, he even uses it to catch a comfy nap. What's amusing is that our kids have discovered how fun it can be too. They've turned it into a part-time plaything, constructing pillow castles and using it as their 'throne.'

XXL Comfort

I love this pillow and couldn't sleep without it. I wasn't sure because it's quite bulky but I find a good position and fall asleep instantly when I use it. The detachable pillow is a nice option, I use it behind my back when I sit. Worth every penny!


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