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The silent touchscreen cool mist humidifier for congestion, winter infections and allergies

  • Regulates the safest humidity level of 40-50% recommended for baby
  • Reduces symptoms of congestion, asthma, dry skin, eczema, winter infections and seasonal allergies
  • Colour-changing nightlight with warm colours is less disruptive for baby
  • Sleek backlit touchscreen interface for use at night
  • Silent – 25 decibels
  • Extended runtime with a large water tank, up to 22 hours (depending on mist output).
  • Automatic shut down when water tank gets low
  • Essential oil diffuser
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Ensure the healthiest air condition with the Hygro+ humidifier

The perfect sleeping space for baby starts with a clean and safe environment for newborn lungs when sensitivity is at its highest. The Hygro+ noiseless humdifier uses a built in hygrometer to maintain the healthiest moisture level in the air for baby.

An optimal humidity rate with Hygro+ has a whole host of health benefits to baby and anyone in its path including reducing the build-up of bacteria, airborne dust particles, allergens and other indoor pollutants which your baby's immune system is at risk to. That includes more common infections such as congestion, colds, coughs, asthma, summer allergies and eczema.

The Hygro+ 3 in 1 humidifier uses a silent cold-mist output to reduce the physical impact of these and enables a greater air flow for your child to breathe easier through the night and during the day.

How to use Hygro+ 3 in 1 baby humidifier

Control the humidity level automatically or manually change via Hygro's ergonomic backlit touchscreen interface with useful room temperature display. Hygro+ baby humidifier has an adjustable 360-degree cold mist output meaning you can point the funnel in any direction you choose.

With a full tank of water, the Hygro+ 3 in 1 humidifier will run for 22 hours and automatically cuts off when the water level is low giving parents peace of mind when in use during the night. The baby humidifier’s ergonomic tear-drop shaped tank is also a soothing 7 colour-changing nightlight.

If you would like to introduce a soothing baby-friendly scent into the home, Hygro+ can also be used as an oil diffuser! Underneath the cool mist funnel, put a couple of drops of your chosen oil in with a few drops of water – we recommend something like lavender or camomile for babies.

Please note: it is important to maintain the cleaning of the Hygro baby humidifier. Over time, a lack of cleaning can interrupt the smooth functioning of the unit itself. We would recommend cleaning as often as once a week and filling with a fresh tank of water with each use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Robyn Richtmeyer
sent to the wrong person

Hi. I'm not Robyn, I'm Shanna, who ordered it. The humidifier was sent to me, instead of my niece, Robyn, after I had sent an e-mail specifically to clarify. Please refer to the e-mail I sent to Babymoov yesterday, about this. Now, I have to ship it all the way from Washington to New York. Thanks so much, for taking time to check into it. Wishing you a great rest of the week. Shanna

Would not recommend

We purchased this cool mist humidifier as it was highly recommended from close friends. Worked great for 1 yr. Now does not produce mist whatsoever. Have tried cleaning unit and still no mist. Complete waste of money
We used this unit maybe 5 times and now we have an expensive nightlight.

Hi J,
We have tried contacting you to resolve this matter with no avail. Could you please contact hello@babymoov.com so we can remedy this for you as quickly as possible?
Thank you,

Kenneth Gebhardt
Works fine

The thing works so well, I ordered another one.


Raymond Faircloth

Works great. It would be good if there was a easy way to clean the tank.

Pam B
I’m sleeping 💤 like a baby!

So quiet, easy to use and easy to clean. I tried 4 other highly rated brands before I found this product recommended in Consumer Reports. It really is a great product!

Amanda Forsyth
Best Christmas gift ever

I love it so much! Thank you!


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