FIRST'ISY- Complete Baby Feeding Set

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FIRST'ISY: The Feeding Set to Get Your Baby Started on Solids!

  • Complete meal kit: contains 1 suction bowl, 1 spoon and 1 bib
  • Spoon suitable for small mouths and baby hands with a 360° grip handle to promote independence
  • Gum massager integrated on the wings of the spoon to relieve baby
  • Super resistant and non-slip silicone bowl thanks to its suction cup
  • Adjustable bib equipped with a catcher
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Where Mealtime Meets Innovation

As an expert in children's mealtimes for over 25 years, Babymoov has worked with childcare professionals such as occupational therapists, pediatricians, and nutritionists to develop the EAT'S ISY collection.

These mealtime accessories are perfectly designed to meet your baby's needs. Ergonomic and made of 100% silicone, these essentials will help your child through all the stages of weaning and becoming independent.




The FIRST'ISY Baby Feeding Set comprises a trio of essentials: a silicone bowl, a spoon, and a bib. These meticulously crafted components are all made from BPA-Free, certified non-toxic food-grade silicone, ensuring your baby's safety and well-being during mealtime adventure. 

- Our bib is a game-changer, boasting a food catcher and an adjustable notched fastening. No more mess and fuss—just a clean, enjoyable meal experience for both parent and child. The small spoon is perfectly designed with an ergonomic handle, ideal for tiny mouths. It even features built-in teething rings on the sides to soothe your little one as their first teeth make their debut.

- The bowl takes mealtime convenience up a notch with its non-slip suction pad. Say goodbye to spills and frustrations as it firmly adheres to the table or high chair, giving your baby independence and you peace of mind.

We understand the demands of parenthood, which is why the FIRST'ISY mealtime kit is a breeze to clean. All components are microwave-safe and dishwasher-proof, ensuring that your precious moments with your baby are filled with joy, not chores.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Nora Houston
Great Gift Idea for the Soon to be Mom

This is a very good gift idea for any expecting mother that you may know and need to get a gift for.

works great

this is perfect. it has everything you need and the colors are great. it functions perfectly all for a great price. i would absolutely recommend this

Fantastic design. Wish I had one when my kids were little!

The spoon and bib for this set are amazing. Seriously. Major props to the designers for creating a silicone bib that basically has a giant well at its bottom to catch all the food babies fail to get in their mouth. I cannot describe how many times my children required a complete change immediately following eating a meal often staining clothing in the process.Come to think of it, I wonder if they'll offer these in bigger sizes than 24 months. My kids are neurodivergent, and I still occasionally have to instruct my 10yo to change his shirt after eating for the mess he leaves on it.The spoon offers many ways for a small hand to easily pick it up and maneuver it, and I love that it's all silicone, so there's no part of it that's not safe for baby mouths.The bowl has an easy-lift tab to remove suction, which I definitely appreciate, but it's a bit too much like other existing bowls for me to be excited by it. I mean, it's not bad, but it's more an expected inclusion than a selling point for this set.Silicone is both dishwasher safe and much easier to rinse clean than most surfaces too, so this set should be very simple to clean between meals.It's very well-designed and an excellent purchase for minimizing clothing changes and stains from eating.

Jess Taylor
Stylish and Practical Start to Solids

My kid not only likes using this set, but also the feel of it. It's a great gift, and I've even purchased more as gifts for fellow moms. The colors and design are sleek and aesthetic, making it a stylish addition to mealtime. Makes introducing solids to my baby a breeze. It's practical, well-liked by my little one, and makes mealtimes both enjoyable and stylish.

Excellent set!

My baby just started eating solids and was making a huge mess. All of my bins were getting stained and I was going through them faster than I could keep up. I really wanted a bib I could wipe down after each use and not have to wash in the washing machine. I came across this set. I couldnt be happier with it. It comes with a bib, bowl, and a spoon. My daughter loves holding on the spoon and it will be excellent when she starts trying to feed herself. I definitely recommend this set!

Great set for a nine month old learning to eat food

My nine month old grandson loves feeding himself which means he wears most of it. This set catches the dropped items well and keeps it off most of his front side. The bowl has strong suction and stays in place on his highchair. The adjustable feeding bib is easy to put on and take off. He loves to teeth on the spoon move than use it to eat, but that works well too. A great set for a new to solid food baby.

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