Duo Smart Bottle Warmer

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Car & home adapted bottle warmer with 3 pre-programmed heating functions !

  • Intelligent: the bottle warmer automatically adjusts the heating time to reach the ideal temperature
  • Delayed program: starts heating automatically during the night + “Keep warm” function. Ideal for difficult nights and mornings!
  • Bain Marie mode to preserve all the benefits of breast milk
  • Steam mode for heating in record time: only 80 seconds to heat 65 ml of water to 37°
  • Designed to warm bottles, pouches and food jars
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The adaptable bottle warmer for home, and on the go!

With its practical and intelligent design, the Duo Smart Warmer automatically suggests the right heating times once you include the milk to be heated


With its intelligent design, the bottle warmer retains the nutrients in breast milk thanks to the "Bain-Marie" function


Delayed programming starts heating automatically during the night


Steam mode to heat in record time: only 80 seconds to heat 65 ml of water to 37°


Invest in the Babymoov Duo Smart Warmer for a hassle-free and efficient solution to bottle warming, whether you're at home or on the go. With its intelligent features and thoughtful design, it's the perfect addition to your parenting toolkit.


Tutorial : Programming the Duo Smart Bottle Warmer

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Must have for formula babies

Great product and has made formula making a breeze. The 2 ounce auto setting is slightly off so always double check measurements however that being said keeps water the perfect temperature and it's also nice that it has a stainless steel interior versus plastic. Extremely easy to clean.

cloe menard

Duo Smart Bottle Warmer

Khaled Zhaoui
Easy to use & efficient solution for warming up milk/ liquids on the go!

We bought this mostly because it had the car adaptor and it got the job done during our recent road trip. Great product!

Beautiful design!

It wasn't the cheapest bottle warmer we found but we still decided to put it on our registry and are super happy with it. I love how compact it is and the sleek design. It looks even better in person!

Clay F.
Great Portable Bottle Warmer

Very versatile little bottle warmer, can use both home and car. Different size bottle works well also. Different modes to warm up the bottle, the steam mode warms up quite fast. Just love the compact size that can take it along in diaper bag.

High quality and versatile

I recently ordered the Baby Bottle Warmer and must say that I am quite pleased with its performance. As a mom, this tool has been an absolute lifesaver.The durability of this bottle warmer is one of its most notable qualities. This device is clearly constructed to last, which is vital when dealing with the daily hardships of parenthood. I value the peace of mind that comes from knowing it will stand the test of time.Another great feature is the DC power option, which allows me to use it in my car. This has came in helpful on lengthy road journeys when I wanted to quickly warm up a bottle. It's quite handy and offers a layer of adaptability that distinguishes this warmer from others.What actually distinguishes this bottle warmer is its ability to accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes. Whether I'm using a normal or a customized bottle, it fits nicely and uniformly heats the contents. The customizable temperature settings allow me to reheat the bottle to the precise temperature my kid wants, which is a game changer.When it comes to warming infant bottles, consistency is everything, and this warmer delivers in spades. I'm never concerned about hot areas or inconsistent heating. It maintains the proper temperature consistently, ensuring that each feeding is precisely perfect.One of the extra features I discovered is that it can reheat tiny jars of baby puree. It's a multipurpose gadget that has become a kitchen essential, making mealtime prep for my toddler a snap.Finally, the Baby Bottle Warmer has outperformed my expectations in every way. Because of its durability, adaptability, continuous temperature control, and versatility, it is an indispensable tool for any parent. I cannot suggest it highly enough.Key Features: - Long-lasting - DC power for car usage - Fits a variety of bottle sizes- Temperature that is consistent and changeable- Useful for warming baby purée


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