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CosyDream Fresh Infant Lounger

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Created to soothe and relieve infants

  • Perfect baby position: back support and legs elevated for better digestion
  • Integrated headrest support to maintain a well rounded head
  • Reassuring cocoon effect thanks to its adjustable positioning roller(depending on the child's size)
  • Ultra-soft and breathable materials
  • Made in Europe


Babymoov CosyDream Fresh Newborn Lounger: Where Comfort Meets Security

Give your baby the comfort and security they deserve with the Babymoov CosyDream Newborn Lounger. Crafted from ultra-soft cotton fabric and featuring cushioned edges, this lounger pad provides your little one with an experience reminiscent of the womb, ensuring they feel safe and snug at all times.

Cocoon-Like Comfort:This soothing lounger comes with an elevated roll that aids digestion, providing a cocoon-like environment for your baby's utmost comfort.

Womb-Like Sensations: The CosyDream Lounger is designed to replicate the sensations of the womb, allowing your baby to lounge in perfect tranquility.

Optimal Positioning: offers ideal back support and raised legs to aid in your baby's digestion, ensuring they're in the best position for their comfort and well-being.

Built-In Head Support: For added comfort and security, this lounger features built-in head support to cradle your baby's delicate head.

Reducer Effect:The CosyDream Lounger has a reducer effect that reassures your baby, making them feel snug and protected.

Adjustable Leg Roll:Customize the lounger to your baby's size with the adjustable leg roll, ensuring a perfect fit as they grow.

Compact and Portable: Whether you're at home or on the go, the CosyDream Lounger is compact and easy to carry, providing your baby with a familiar and comfortable spot wherever you are.

Expert-Recommended: Our patented solution is highly recommended by expert osteopaths and physiotherapists, ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for your baby.

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