At what age should baby start to diversify his diet?

At what age should baby start to diversify his diet?

Until about 6 months, alongside introducing solid foods

Infant formula and breast milk (breastfeeding) contain all the essential nutrients for your baby's growth.

Introducing Solid Foods from 4 to 6 months

Are you looking to add cereal to your baby's bottles of infant formula or breast milk? Choose gluten-free infant cereals, as they are not digestible at this age, and without added sugar. Nutritionists recommend not adding them to every bottle to prevent the risk of obesity. Moreover, as mentioned above, infant formula and breast milk contain the necessary nutrients for your baby's proper development.

But then, what is the purpose of cereals at this age?

They help your little one get used to a new, thicker texture, similar to that of puree!

  • Gradually introduce purees and fruit compotes, following the recommendation of a doctor - pediatrician* - nutritionist.

*The pediatrician may delay the introduction of certain foods (berries, eggs, fish...). We encourage you to consult with them to follow recommendations tailored to your child.

  • If you identify a food allergy, make a note of it and consult with a healthcare professional.

Tip: To start your little one's taste exploration and get them accustomed to the bitterness of vegetables, gradually add some cooking juice from your vegetables to a bottle of infant formula or breast milk.

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Introducing Solid Foods from 6 to 9 months

Gradually introduce proteins (starting with white meats, then fish, eggs) into vegetable purees. If you're unsure, seek advice from your pediatrician - doctor or nutritionist.*

From 9 months to 12 months

Are the first baby teeth coming in? Offer purees with tender pieces of meat or fish cut into small cubes. To ease this transition, make a smooth puree by adding some cooking juice from the vegetables. Steaming with the Duo Meal Station ensures that you preserve the flavors as well as the nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals of the foods.

Tip: To facilitate the introduction of animal proteins (meat and fish), blend them with potato (for a savory taste) or with apple (for a sweet taste).

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From 12 months to 18 months

Diversify the taste and sensory pleasures for your baby! Feel free to play with flavors, colors, textures, plate presentation, aromas, ... Milkshakes, savory tarts, purees shaped like a clown's head, ...

  • More taste, always more taste!

While steam cooking with the Duo Meal Stations, infuse vegetables with aromatic herbs. Blend with the cooking juice from other vegetables.

  • Embrace the colors!

Orange carrots, egg yolk yellow, shrimp pink, chicken white, broccoli-bean green, cabbage-eggplant purple, ... vary the visual delights.

  • Fun shapes!

When serving the plate, draw a Clown's head in less than a minute. Let your imagination run wild to make your baby smile.

Over 18 months

At this age, your child eats almost like an adult! Only the quantities differ to adapt to their nutritional needs. Delay, as much as possible, the addition of salt and sugar that mask the taste of foods.

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