3 tips for going on a road trip with your baby or toddler!

Finally... a vacation! But wait, you're going on a road trip with a baby/toddler. Is it really going to be a vacation? It can definitely be challenging when traveling with a toddler. The crying fits, the bathroom breaks, the endless need for snacks. We get it. Traveling by car with baby is tough, but here are some ways to make it less tough and more enjoyable... because you deserve a vacation!

Discover Our Tips For Traveling By Car With Baby 

Tip #1: Leave At The Right Time. 

It's important to focus on when your baby is feeling the calmest. Leaving right after your baby wakes up, or before mealtime, is a mistake. You should travel after your baby is fed and in time for a nap. Cars tend to soothe baby's and toddlers into a calming sleep. If it is hot out, leave when the sun goes down so the weather is cooler and the environment is calmer. Do not leave during rush hour either... just like adults, babies get irritated in traffic too. So now, that you got tip #1, lets move on to tip #2 to make your life easier when on a road trip with a baby or toddler. 

Tip # 2: Prepare Snacks, Food, And Beverages.

No one wants to be on the side of the road mushing a banana because your toddler is hungry. Prepare everything you need in advance. Which means preparing baby food, snacks, and meals beforehand. We recommend leak-proof storage bowls. This way you can put liquids, soups, purees, and snacks in your bag with zero fear of it spilling all over the place. The last thing you need is a mess! We also recommend an insulated compartment to place all your food in. Noone likes warm water, warm fruit, or cold soup. Make sure you have tons of bottles of water to keep you and your baby hydrated! The Sancy backpack diaper bag has an insulated compartment where you can keep all your hot and cold essentials! We don't want to brag but it also comes with a changing mat, towel, and pacifier holder! Now... let's move onto Tip #3.

Tip # 3: Take Breaks With Your Baby.

You're focusing on driving or occupied by your phone... while you're little one is stuck staring at the car ceiling. They will get bored and irritated. It's important to take breaks here and there. Maybe stop at a park with shade on your drive, or pull over and stretch with your baby. A change of scenery will leave you and your baby/toddler feeling refreshed and will make the rest of the car ride more enjoyable. It's like a mental reset. A great way to take a break while ensuring your baby is comfortable is by having a portable bassinet that has a plush mat to ensure comfort. Our Travel nest is a portable bassinet that doubles as a diaper bag! We highly recommend having a product like this on you whenever you are going on a road trip with your baby.
Follow these 3 tips for you and your toddler to enjoy your road trip! We hope you took some of our advice and will apply it! Meanwhile... here's a great playlist to listen to on car rides with your little ones:

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