Noas Playard & Accessories FAQ's

Q: What are the mattress dimensions? 

A: The Naos Playard mattress dimensions are: 45 inches by 24 inches. The mattress is 1.2 inches thick and made of memory foam.

Q: What are the playard dimensions?

A: The Naos Playyard dimensions are: Folded: 9 inches x 9 inches x 29.5 inches. Opened: 51 inches x 37 inches x 27 inches.

Q: Is the canopy accessory Anti-uv? 

A: Yes, the canopy has a UPF 50+ which protects from harmful rays.

Q: I heard memory foam mattresses can suffocate the baby. Is this true?

A: That statement can be true if the mattress is only one layer made of 100% memory foam. With this mattress, the memory foam is only 8mm and the rest is firm standard foam. Since there are two layers, the top layer is memory foam for comfort and the bottom is firm foam for support. We do this for the baby's comfort and safety. We test and certify all our products with the strictest European and USA guidelines, in external laboratories! 

Q: Is there a tutorial on how to set it up and a detailed video I can watch? 

Here are both!