Lovenests FAQ's

Q: What's the difference between the Lovenest and the Lovenest +?

A:  Both headrests provide comfort for baby and are compatible with all strollers, bouncers, and swings. The Lovenest + has all the benefits of the Lovenest, and also features Thermo regulating breathable fabric and anti-slip material for a solid grip.

Q: How can I wash my Lovenest? 

A: Handwash or Cold-Water Machine Wash.

Q: Can I dry it?

A: Air dry only.

Q: What's the age limit?

A: The Lovenest is for babies from 0-4 months old.

Q: Can my baby turns her head when using the Lovenest?

A: Yes, babies will be able to move their head and neck freely while using the Lovenest. 

Q: Is there a video?

Here you go!

Q: Where can I find the instruction manual? 

A: You can find the instruction manual HERE.