Socosy Premium Baby Lounger

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Co-created with medical experts to relieve symptoms of colic, reflux and digestive discomfort

  • Cocoon-Like Comfort:This soothing lounger comes with an elevated roll that aids digestion, providing a cocoon-like environment for your baby's utmost comfort.
  • Womb-Like Sensations:The CosyDream Lounger is designed to replicate the sensations of the womb, allowing your baby to lounge in perfect tranquility.
  • Optimal Positioning: offers ideal back support and raised legs to aid in your baby's digestion, ensuring they're in the best position for their comfort and well-being.
  • Built-In Head Support: For added comfort and security, this lounger features built-in head support to cradle your baby's delicate head.
  • Reducer Effect:The CosyDream Lounger has a reducer effect that reassures your baby, making them feel snug and protected.
  • Breathable organic cotton super soft fabric.
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The Ultimate Comfort for Baby

Co-created with a Paediatric Osteopath, Socosy is the bestselling baby support recommended for use straight from birth and designed to help transition baby from the womb during their first months.

Thanks to subtle supports in a non-restricting position, Socosy's ultra-soft, breathable shell provides a reassuring space for baby – mimicking the security of being inside the womb.

Socosy’s built-in headrest offers a subtle yet unique cushioning to baby’s skull.


Non-restrictive baby colic and reflux solution

The leg support roll is detachable and adjustable as baby grows, which fractionally raises baby’s legs in a more comfortable position. The elevation of the legs helps to prevent strain to the stomach muscles which can cause reflux. Socosy also creates the ideal back position and discourages any strain on the stomach muscles that might occur if baby’s legs were completely flat.


3 Benefits of using the Babymoov Socosy

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews

A brilliant little thing. My very gassy uncomfortable baby finally gets rest in this, and I finally get rest too!


Love it perfectly made ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beth Junkin

So nice! Highly recommend. Baby sleeps so well

Couldn’t live without

Our 7 week old started using the lounger two weeks ago to aid digestion and reduce gas and colic. We try to use the lounger a few times a day. Within minutes of being placed on the pillow, our baby releases multiple toots and helps her discomfort from gas and acid reflux. Miracle product!


I love how soft the material is. Baby enjoys it. Before she would only sleep in my arms and when I put her down she would cry but now I can easily transition her from my arms to the baby lounger with no problem. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.


We tried for several nights to get our baby to sleep in her bassinet. Every time we set her down she would cry and wake up. Since using this, she sleeps so well! I can not recommend this enough!

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