Baby Headrest Lovenest Plus

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Comfortable Baby Headrest

  • Practical: Versatile non-slip back for use in bouncer, swings, pushchair, pram etc.
  • Ergonomic: Shaped, supportive baby headrest
  • Innovative design: reduces pressure on baby’s skull.
  • Perfect conforts: made using Coolmax® antibacterial fabric to eliminate perspiration and adapt to baby’s temperature.
  • Adaptable: wide, padded area to adapt to baby’s growth.
  • Please do not leave baby unsupervised while using this product.
  • Available in two colours: Smokey and Blue.
Color : Grey Lovenest Plus
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Developed and patented by French Paediatrician Dr Maidenberg

The Lovenest headrest is designed with a special incline to fit the shape of baby’s skull. This reduces pressure on the back of baby’s head (0-4 months), helping to adopt a good position.

The Lovenest’s ergonomic design supports baby’s head, promoting the development of a healthy, round head shape. The cocoon effect created by the Lovenest’s soft curves reassures baby, without restricting their freedom of movement

The Lovenest headrest evenly distributes weight and pressure across baby’s head, supporting the healthy development of baby’s skull shape.

Maintaining the Lovenest's pristine condition is a breeze, as it is easily machine-washable on a gentle cycle. From the moment of birth, let this essential baby headrest accompany your little one in various settings, including the bouncer, swing, stroller, play yard, and beyond!

Renowned for their superior quality, all Babymoov products, including the Lovenest, undergo rigorous testing by independent laboratories. Committed to adhering to stringent regulatory standards, Babymoov guarantees the utmost safety for you and your family.

For 20 years, the Lovenest has stood as a worldwide favorite among parents seeking a reliable, soft, and breathable baby cushion. This lightweight and portable infant cushion is designed to accompany your little one from birth, seamlessly fitting into most bouncers, swings, and strollers. Emulating the comforting and soothing ambiance of the womb, the Lovenest is an ideal addition to any baby.

This product is not intended for use while baby is sleeping, and should always be used under adult supervision.


Discover the Anatomical Baby Head Cushion in video

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Works great

Baby girl will be 3 months very soon and was favoring one side. With baby moov she sleeps comfortably most nights without favoring the side. She is wiggly so sometimes gets away from it, but for the most part she doesn't.

mohammad mohammad

thank you


Amazing quality product, it’s already helping a lot our baby head shape to be less flat

Chrissy Obermeyer
Great product

We got this for our daughter, who has a little flat area on the back of her head. You can tell that it’s well made! Our pediatrician said not to worry, but it was great that we got this pillow. We hope to see some progress in the next month or 2- but we are definitely glad she’s not sleeping with her head flat to her bed anymore.

Worked well.

We use this all the time while he is on his play Mat. He doesnt care if his head is in it. He is wiggly at 4 months and will sometimes wiggle his way out of it. Hes easy to clean when he spits up.

A Baby Must Have

The lovenest plus headrest is a must have for every new baby! Amazing quality and prevents flat head syndrome. I recommend it to every client!


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