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Here for Every Parent.

The root of Babymoov is finding new and innovative ways to make parenting easier and the future brighter.

We focus on simplifying every day life for every family. We want to get rid of the "perfect parent" complex. Perfect parents do not exist. Parents who try their best are perfect as is.

All our products are made with premium materials under the supervision of medical professionals, midwives, and parents to ensure only the highest quality and maximum safety products enter your home. Babymoov values are family values.

Welcome to the Babymoov Live Open Innovation Lab

At Babymoov, we believe that nothing replaces real life. This is why we have always surrounded ourselves with parents to help us develop concrete and unique products that meet their needs and improve their daily lives. But also with healthcare professionals , who share their feedback to design innovative solutions. Our vision of co-design is to put the customer back at the center of the value creation process , starting from the principle that a product created by its end user is more likely to meet the real needs of the market.Have an idea for a product? Be apart of our Live Open Innovation Lab by reaching out to our US team via the "Help" button on the bottom right of the screen.

All of our principles about product design leave us with a very high bar which sets the foundation for how we think, design, source, and create.

3 Fathers on a mission

Babymoov was founded by 3 French fathers in Europe on the journey to take care of future generations.

These three fathers started out as friends at university in France. Throughout their studies, they realized they wanted to create a business together! Fatherhood and entrepreneurship went hand in hand for these three best friends, and with it, Babymoov was born!

Throughout their journey, they realized their main goal was to take care of future generations. From that moment, they focused on creating products which will not only benefit this generation, but the ones to come.

Reducing our carbon footprint.

Because our actions today affect the future of our children, Babymoov is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and to carrying out actions bettering society's future.

Babymoov has been reducing its carbon footprint by launching its lifetime warranty program which reduces the waste of electronical products, as well as replacing plastic materials with new substitute solutions, such as biodegradable, bio-based, recycled, non-polluting materials. We have started using Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics, FSC® labeled packaging and organic materials from the earth.

Babymoov is there to listen to your needs and deploy initiatives with its partners and resellers. Babymoov focuses on constantly finding ways to reduce its carbon footprint and set up a better world for future generations.

Babymoov is excited to announce their partnership with Reforest' Action to support reforestation in France and abroad. Trees provide and sustain life. Babymoov wants to ensure trees are here to stay for future generations. Babymoov has planted over 400 trees, created over 1000 branches for birds, eliminated 58 tons of CO2 emissions, and added over 1500 months of oxygen supply with Reforestation. We are proud. We are Babymoov.

Babymoov was born in France and wanted to share their products to parents abroad. After studying the US market and meeting with parents, we decided to create a Babymoov branch in the USA!

French parenting and American parenting can be viewed as very different from each other, that being said, we decided to merge the two cultures to create the ideal balance.

All our products are designed in France, and then brought over to the US for families like yours. We are always learning and growing and hope to become your number one trusted baby product brand in the USA! Let us know how we're doing by reaching out to our US team via the "Help" button on the bottom right of the screen.