Portable Bottle Warmer Moov & Feed

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A bottle on demand, anytime, anywhere!

  • Battery-operated portable bottle warmer: 7-hour battery life
  • 11,5 fl oz capacity
  • Heats quickly: 6.7 fl oz heated in 5 minutes
  • Precise temperature setting from 99°F to 122°F
  • Keeps hot for up to 7 hours
  • Full charging overnight (7 hours): 3.28 ft USB-C cable included
  • Hygienic: clean with water using a bottle brush. Heating part made from stainless steel.
  • Easy to carry with a secure lid
  • Safe liquid transfer using the pouring spout
  • Compatible with water, formula milk, breast milk, etc.
  • Lifetime Warranty
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The battery-operated portable bottle warmer for feeding baby anywhere, any time.

Heating up your baby's bottle when you're out and about can be a real challenge. And because we know that it's not easy to make them wait when they are hungry, we have created this portable bottle warmer just for you! Wireless instant baby bottles provide the ultimate convenience when on-the-go!

A cordless, battery-operated bottle warmer that's a complete game-changer for trips out with your baby: out on a walk, in a restaurant, in the car or just at night time, our portable travel bottle warmer makes your life easier. Heat up to 11,5 oz of liquid to the ideal precise temperature (between 98°F and 122°F). It takes just 5 minutes to heat 6.7 oz to 98°F.

Heat up anything you like: water, formula milk or breast milk. When baby is older, you can then use it for keeping your tea or coffee warm (up to 122 °F).
Once the heating process has started, it keeps the liquid at the required temperature for 7 hours. This 'Keep Warm' function means you can feed your baby at any time, with little any delay.

It is easy to charge and comes with a 3.28ft USB-C cable to connect to an electric socket, cigarette lighter or even your PC.

Ergonomic and easy to carry with its secure lid, you can pop it inside your bag without the risk of spills. Its pouring spout makes it easy to transfer the hot water into your baby's bottle.

And because we are confident in the quality of our product, the Babymoov portable bottle warmer comes with a lifetime warranty.


Milk & Water Bottle Warmer - Moov & Feed


Customer Reviews

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good stuff

In the dimly lit symphony of sleepless nights, where cries are the percussion and lullabies the wind instruments, one gadget shines like a spotlight on a weary parent's face: the Babymoov Moov & Feed bottle warmer. No longer chained to the kitchen with a tethered behemoth, I roam the house, this cordless maestro tucked like a talisman in my diaper bag. No more frantic dashes to reheat bottles, its gentle embrace keeps milk warm for hours, a lullaby of constant comfort. Precise temperature control, a virtuoso act, caters to both delicate breast milk and hearty formula. Its sleek design, a minimalist's dream, wipes clean with the ease of a single note. And its universal cradle, welcoming all bottle brands, is a harmony of inclusivity.This is no mere gadget, but a revolution in the chaotic opera of parenthood. It grants mobility, a dance of freedom, and precision, a soothing melody. It's a five-star encore, a standing ovation for the Moov & Feed, the conductor of warm milk and contented sighs. For in the grand orchestra of parenthood, sometimes, all it takes is a perfect temperature to turn the cries into a chorus of peace.

Clever and useful

The Babymoov Moov & Feed Baby Bottle Warmer is a practical investment for parents on the move!Yeah it is quite expensive for "a bottle" but it is very good!Its portable and wireless design, coupled with a versatile capacity for warming water or breast milk, adds significant convenience. The adjustable temperature settings and impressive 7-hour heat retention make it a reliable choice for various situations. The USB charging feature ensures readiness, making this bottle warmer a valuable asset for parents dealing with the challenges of feeding while out and about.While the upfront cost might be higher, the long-term functionality justifies the expense.The bottle warmer's quality build, ease of pouring, and leak-free design contribute to its overall value. Charging is straightforward, and though a percentage battery indicator would be a nice addition, it doesn't hinder the product's performance. Overall, the bottle warmer stands out as a dependable solution that can significantly simplify feeding routines for parents.

Perfect for a ready-made formula

Unfortunately, for me specifically, this warmer is useless at the moment (while my baby doesnt drink anything other than formula).Let me explain, this warmer is good to use for breast milk (to take the milk with you and keep it constantly heated for up to 5 hours) or ready-made bottled formula (to quickly warm up on the go). Since the formula can only be used within 2 hours of preparation, this warmer is useless. We took this warmer and several bottles of ready-made formulas with us on the trip, unfortunately the baby refused to eat them, and I cant make milk in advance because the baby eats every 4-5 hours. What can I say. This warmer heated 210 ml in 7-10 minutes to a temperature of 37 degrees. When heating, sometimes the temperature dropped by several degrees. After heating to a certain temperature, you can leave the constant heating mode, which is very convenient. The numbers on the display are clear and clearly visible even in the sun. The lid closes tightly and nothing leaks. Great item, really expensive. I'm looking forward to using this for other drinks besides milk but at the moment I prefer the cooler rather than this warmer

William M

Aside from one minor issue I have with this, it s really good. And that issue is the battery indicator. I d have hoped for a percentage reading at this price point. However, in practise it hasnt been an issue.This can either keep liquid warm for most of a day or heat it up when needed from cold or room temperature. The heating part it can do about 3 times. I havent managed to get a 4th but it can keep it hot after the 3rd heating. But thats where a percentage battery reading would help.The quality is very good and it s easy to pour from. Having this for our son when he was a baby would have just taken a bit of extra work and stress out of things. Now we wont need this as often but its still great to have for the right occasions.The temperature can be adjusted though its at the standard temperature by default. Charging is easy and can take some time depending what you use to charge it.Overall its really good and could really help when going out with your baby.

Quality from a reputable brand

While the Babymoov Moov & Feed Baby Bottle Warmer may be a bit pricey, it's a well worth investment. The portable and wireless design, along with the capacity to warm water or breast milk, adds significant convenience. The adjustable temperature and the ability to keep liquids warm for up to 7 hours make it a reliable choice. The USB charging feature further enhances its practicality. In the long run, its functionality and convenience justify the initial cost, making it a valuable investment for parents.

J. Turner

This is pretty good at its job. One thing I will so say is that the battery doesn't last as long as it's supposed to. A couple of times, it's been five hours, maybe a bit over that. I'm not sure what can be done about that though. The temperature is easy to select and it does see on the side of caution, which I think is a good thing. This item is easy to clean too and is great when travelling, though of course, it's good for the home too. It is a little expensive, though, especially as the battery isn't as long lasting as it claims.

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