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Best pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy wedge pillow. Maternity pillow for in between legs to support back and hips. Breastfeeding pillow. Backrest and headrest for pregnant women. Maternity pillow.
Best pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy wedge pillow. Maternity pillow for in between legs to support back and hips. Breastfeeding pillow. Backrest and headrest for pregnant women. Maternity pillow.
<transcy>Coussin Mom & B</transcy>
<transcy>Coussin Mom & B</transcy>
<transcy>Coussin Mom & B</transcy>
<transcy>Coussin Mom & B</transcy>

Coussin Mom & B

Prix ​​habituel$59.99
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  • Le coussin de grossesse parfait pour soutenir vos hanches et votre dos.
  • Utiliser comme coussin de grossesse, oreiller d'allaitement, appui-tête et dossier.
  • Ici pour offrir à maman un repos paisible et confortable.
  • LA TAILLE PARFAITE LE REND PORTABLE ET NON ENCOMBRANT DANS LE LIT : Avec sa taille ergonomique (22 x 12 pouces) et son sac de transport inclus, ce coussin est compact et facile à transporter partout où vous allez : Il ne prend pas de place sans compromettre le confort.

  • Made with plush materials to give you maximum support.
  • Breathable fabrics to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Maternity pillow to support your everyday life.
  • Removable machine washable cover.
  • Removable machine washable cover.

Comfort for baby

Aids in Digestion

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Great for breastfeeding

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No you cannot refill the pillow.

Use a paper clip to open and close the zipper!

Just remove the cover and machine wash!

The Mom & B pillow can be used as a pregnancy pillow, back support pillow, breastfeeding pillow, and more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amazing pillow!

This pillow saved my sleep during the last months of my pregnancy as it was so comfortable without being bulky; I could easily reposition it when changing side. I use it now for breastfeeding and it adapts to every position, making it ergonomic for baby and me! Plus it's not too big, so I bring it everywhere. Love that the cover can be washed.

My favorite pregnancy pillow thus far!

I have gone through so many types of pillows to get comfortable early on during pregnancy. I refuse to buy the gigantic c or u shaped pillows.Tried a regular body pillow - nope. Knee contour pillow - nope again. I have a wedge pillow that’s ok & I kept it, but my least favorite.The perfect combo I found is the babymoov belt paired with two of these. I started out with one for between my knees & ankles. I love that it can support both at the same time!!! However I realized my torso was twisting in my sleep & tweaking my back. So I got one to hold at night & it’s perfect. Sometimes I use the second one to lay at an angle instead of my wedge pillow. I prefer this one by far!I will continue to use after pregnancy for hip pain, wish I would I’ve found this a long time ago!!!My only complaint the HUGE GIGANTIC TAG!!! I initially thought my first one was missing a zipper pull, but was advised by the company this was intentional which makes sense after using it. I wouldn’t want a cold zipper pull against my leg at night. Customer service through the manufacturer was also SUPER fast to respond to my inquiry.But WHY in the world would you omit a zipper pull & then decide to add a gigantic tag that would either tickle your leg or be in your face all night. However I’m afraid to cut it off to be scratchy so haven’t figured out a good resolve. Have thought about trying to remove & resew on my own, but don’t want to mess up the jersey fabric.

Perfect for cosleeping 👍

I bought this to use as a pillow for myself. My daughter has coslept with us since 2 months old (She was super colicky for the first 4 months 😵) and is now 18 months. I was terrified that I would smother her with a regular pillow when she was wee little so this fits the bill and has been used every day!

Melissa Sparks
Love it

I got this around 20 weeks into pregnancy (currently at 38 weeks) and it's been very helpful in keeping my belly & back supported. What I love most about it is it stays put no matter how much I toss and turn throughout the night. I tried the "C" shaped pillow but it took up so much bed space and I overheated. Highly recommend this pillow!!

Jessica Smith
Perfect little pregnancy pillow

Compact pregnancy pillow. Great for just lifting your knee and easing pain on your hips. It was exactly what I needed!