When and how to introduce solids to your baby

Introducing solids to your baby. How Exciting! But this can also be a scary time. Which foods are okay? Which foods aren't? How do I feed certain foods to my baby? The list of questions goes on and on. The foods you feed your baby now can well define the types of foods they like later on in life. Whether they are healthy or not so healthy. So, how can you make sure you are setting up a healthy path for your child? We made it easy for you!

When And How You Should Start Feeding Food To Your Baby: 

Tip #1: When Should I Start Weaning My Baby To Real Foods?
Here are some tell-all signs your baby is ready to start real foods:
  • Is hungry more often (Outside of normal feeding schedule).

  • Baby can sit and turn their neck easily and with a strong motion.

  • Wants to eat food when they see it around them.

  • Baby opens their mouth when it's being fed to them.

  • Physically expresses dislike towards certain tastes.

  • The baby is about 6 months old.

Tip # 2: Have The Right Equipment
It is a parents right to know what you're feeding your baby. Jarred baby food can have hidden preservatives and ingredients which can be harmful to your baby. But on the other side of this... can't making your own baby food be time-consuming? Well actually, not when you have the right equipment! A baby food processor is a must-have when it comes to weaning your baby to solids. The Duo Meal Station and Duo Meal Station XL is a 6 in 1 baby food processor where you can steam, blend, puree, juice, and so much more! it is easy to use and you can create a bulk amount so you're set for the week. It is basically like meal prepping for your baby (not to bulk up of course 😉). Store them in air-tight microwavable containers to always be ready for feeding!
Tip # 3: How Do I Start Weaning My Baby?
  • Gradual weaning is best. Wean your baby over the course of weeks or months! It's best to do little by little rather than all at once. This way your baby and your baby's digestive system will get used to real food.
  • Change the environment. By feeding your baby in the environment that they usually see adults around them eating, it will make them feel included and make them want to eat real foods. 
  • Begin with single-ingredient pureed foods. Such as bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, and other similar foods. (skip salt or sugars as baby should eat very plain foods). 
  • Add the steamed juice of the veggies you are pureeing to the purees as many of the nutrients are in the juice!
  • See below for some great charts by Dr Brown's explaining the baby solid weaning process: 
When And How You Should Start Feeding Food To Your Baby:
We hope this blood helped teach you a little bit about weaning your baby to solids! You can see some recipes to make with your baby food processor here.

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