How to prevent flathead and what is plagiocephaly?

Well, the simple answer is that newborn babies have very soft heads. This means that it is easily moldable. So when a baby spends a lot of time laying on a flat surface, their head can shape to that surface... which then causes their head to become flat... eg. Flathead Syndrome. Better known as Plagiocephaly. 
Before you start to freak out, Plagiocephaly is not dangerous and cannot cause any brain damage, but it can cause physical impairment. 
Even though this is caused by laying a baby on their back... do not start putting them on their stomach or side! The safest place for your baby to sleep and hang out is on their back. A baby's neck muscles are not strong for a while, which means they can suffocate if they are not facing upright. 
How Do I Prevent Or Correct Flathead In My Newborn?
  1. Supervised tummy time: Babies should have supervised tummy time when they are awake. This should happen 2 to 3 times a day for around 10 to 15 minutes. You should set your baby down on their tummy to play while ensuring you are awake and breathing well. This prevents flathead while improving your baby's physical development and strength!                                                                           

  2. Headrest for Flathead: A great way to prevent flathead is by using a headrest which is designed to prevent your newborn from getting flathead. The LovenestLovenest Plus, and Lovenest Natural care, are headrests designed my medical professionals to prevent and correct flathead. These headrests are great for when your baby is laying on their back with supervision. You can put the Lovenest headrest that prevents flathead on baby's play mat, stroller, car seat, and more! It's lightweight and portable for ultimate convenience. 

  3. Lounger that prevents Flathead: A newborn lounger is great for newborns as it replicated the feeling of being in the womb, which soothes baby. The Cosydream newborn lounger is a newborn lounger that not only aids in digestion, but prevents flathead. It has a premium design which keeps babys head round while soothing baby.                                                                                                       

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